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by:LIZHONG     2020-07-04
2 gas engine heat pump heating process calculation model Discussed in this paper the principle and gas turbine cycle heat pump shown in Figure 1, the Gas Heat Pump is air - water heat pump units for heating and cooling cycle can be. For heating cycle, the three-way valve 1 and 2 were switched to the location of waste heat recovery, hot water heat after absorbing heat exchanger to absorb heat engine, and then heat transferred to the heat user. As the heat of the gas engine heat pump heating effects, so the article focuses on gas engine heat pump heating cycle. 2.1 engine exhaust calculation model The engine working process more complicated, difficult relationship with a purely mathematical calculation derived model of the engine's heat. Some studies provided a formula for calculating the heat engine, but the general formula is poor, only suitable for certain types of engines. In this paper, the practical application of experimental methods of gas engine heat pump system model data required in engine exhaust. Measured by the physical quantities can be calculated indirectly over the heat engine. Steady state conditions, the working state of engine speed and torque with the engine. When a certain speed and torque of the engine, the engine's working conditions will be determined. Experiment, the engine work in a stable state, then measure the engine cooling water, cooling water between inlet temperature, exhaust gas temperature, gas flow rate, excess air coefficient data. These data can be calculated according to engine heat data. From the experimental results, the remainder of the heat cylinder engine, exhaust flow and exhaust temperature with the speed and torque increases. As the engine cooling water circulation pump driven by the engine, so the flow of cooling water only with the speed of the. Results on the surface interpolation and linear fitting way to get other non-physical quantity under test conditions point to obtain the data needed to calculate the engine heat. 2.2 Computing Model Heat Pump Thermal heat pump system model main consideration compressor, evaporator, condenser energy balance between the three major components, the process that is adiabatic throttling process. Heat loss if we ignore the system, then the compressor of heat, the condenser for heat and hot water heat absorption should be equal, the same cooling capacity compressor, evaporator heat transfer and heat of outdoor air should have the same . On the compressor, the can manufacturer fitted the sample data provided by the compressor and the cooling capacity of heat with the condensing temperature, evaporating temperature and compressor speed relationship. 2.3 Model Solution The gas engine heat pump to determine the structural parameters, fan flow and pump flow rate of known cases, all of the above simultaneous equations can be solved by the model. Solving the model in two ways: (1) If a given engine speed, you can get the speeds of gas engine heat capacity; (2) If the heating requirements of a given system capacity, then the requirements can be calculated for heat capacity under the gas engine heat pump speed. And accordingly can get gas engine heat pump energy consumption, waste heat and other content. As the fan pump energy consumption of energy accounts for a relatively small proportion, and fixed, so the calculation is not involved in this part of the energy consumption. 3 Calculation of gas engine heat pump heating and Analysis 3.1 heating season, heat load calculation Main purpose of this paper is to gas engine heat pump in the heating season performance calculation and analysis, it must first determine the building's heat load. For ease of calculation, assuming only a building's heat load caused by the temperature difference, then known tn interior design temperature and outdoor design temperature tout, d, and the design load Qd of the case, you can calculate any of the building under the outdoor temperature tout heat load Qx about author: I am an expert from , while we provides the quality product, such as mural sticker Manufacturer , wall decals trees, wall decoration sticker,and more.
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