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Any further technical information about Lizhong?
Lizhong uses advanced technology to produce Lizhong. Advanced modern technology means finer operations on machines and more efficient assembly lines, all of which contribute to the production of the highest quality products. We have many years of experience in producing professional engineers.

TAIZHOU Taizhou Lizhong Pump Mfg Co.,ltd. PUMP MFG CO.,LTD.'s production capability for oil pump manufacturer has won wide recognition. Lizhong Pump's oil pump series contains multiple sub-products. The quality of the product can stand the test of time. Its center of gravity coincides with the center of the pump foot, thus enhancing the stability when running. This product is widely used in the market for its excellent economic value and high cost performance. Aluminum die-cast technology allows for size and weight reduction of the product.

Lizhong Pump Oil Pump adheres to the development philosophy of respecting life and development trends. Please contact.
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