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Any suppliers selling automotive oil pumps at an ex-works price?
EXW is a way to ship the automotive oil pump. Sorry to have no such record free here, but producers may be recommended. When the EXW shipping term is used, you are in charge of the whole shipment. This makes it impossible for the producer to inflate the local costs or include a margin to the delivery fees. You ought to pay for some costs that would occur during customs clearance, even if the EXW shipping term is applied. Besides, in the event the manufacturer doesn't have any export license, you have to pay for you. In general, the producer who has no export license often utilizes the EXW shipping term.
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TAIZHOU Taizhou Lizhong Pump Mfg Co.,Ltd. PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. is a professional factory that can provide a large number of oil pump for passenger vehicle. The oil pump manufacturer series is widely praised by customers. The product has the advantage of stable mechanical properties. Having been treated under extremely cold temperatures, its mechanical components are tensile enough to withstand extreme industrial conditions. TAIZHOU Lizhong Pump PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. pays attention to the quality of talents and intensive development of oil pump manufacturer. It guarantees that there will be no leak during the transmission of the medium.
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Our major goal is to provide high quality oil pump with our customers. Please contact.

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