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Stay focused on the company instead of the business type of Taizhou Lizhong Pump Mfg Co.,Ltd.. We're a business dedicated to the creation and sales of car oil pumps. We're created for profit. To make a profit, we have made every attempt to carry out R&D and attain quantity production. A copy of the business license may be provided if you care about it.
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Since the establishment, TAIZHOU Lizhong Pump PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. has been focusing on oil pump for construction vehicle production. Our strong manufacturing strength is a powerful driving force for further development. Various in styles, Lizhong Pump's oil pump can meet the needs of different customers. The raw materials used to manufacture Lizhong Pump oil pump manufacturer are from well-known suppliers of premium quality materials who have been recognized by international certificates. It can deliver a fixed quantity of pressurized oil to the engine, and keep the engine running smoothly. TAIZHOU we PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. provides all our customers with the services that they require under one roof. It can provide suitable oil pressure for the engine based on the working condition of the engine.
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our company has been making great achievements in the quality of customer service. Inquire online!

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