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by:LIZHONG     2020-06-28
The advantages of housing your pump in a box. Your water pump is a very important part of your window cleaning system. It is one of the very few moving parts, and is responsible for getting pure water from your tank in your van to the window you hope to clean. There are two methods currently for housing your pump in your vehicle. 1/ attaching the basic pump to the water tank frame, or attaching to the side panel of your vehicle. 2/ fitting your pump in a box, and then releasable securing the box to the water tank frame, or side panel of the van. The method in 1/ above restricts the removal of the pump from the vehicle which can be a big disadvantage overnight in freezing conditions. Much better to be able to take your pump indoors to prevent damage, and have it ready for work the next day. The method 2 above, with a disconnection of two quick connect pipes, and the disconnection of a battery plug can be lifted off its mountings in seconds and taken indoors at nigh very easily, and the pump will be ready for work in the morning. How do you go about setting up the pump in a box like 2/ above? Quite simply the pump is secured inside the box itself with the use of the 4 screw holes in the pump housing. Once the pump is secured inside the box then two simple brackets are fitted to the outside of the box, these brackets are used to releasable secure the pump box to the tank frame or the panels on the side of the van. Inlet and outlet bulkhead connectors are fitted to the pump box, along with a battery plug for easy connection and disconnection of the battery. The fact that all the wiring is kept secure and tidy inside the box, resulting in less corrosion is another big advantage. The window cleaner after his day's work can simply disconnect the inlet and outlet pipes, and disconnect the battery plug from the outside of the pump box, and take the whole thing indoors. Some window cleaning water fed pole supply companies sell their systems with pumps supplied in boxes as standard, and some don't. If your supplier is one who doesn't, then it is an easy job to do yourself. ------ Market leaders in window cleaning water fed pole systems. Aquatec owner Peter Fogwill is also the administrator of the very popular forum is available either on the forum, or by email at, or through his website at..
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