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DEA micro flow meter:

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-04
Nutating Micro flow meter also known as DEA micro flow meter represents DEA Engineering in the USA. Included in the DEA product line are the FMTD4 and FMTD20 products that are manufactured by DEA Engineering and offer a nice range for low flow measurement. The DEA micro flow meter is designed to measure even the extremely low flow rates for various liquid applications. Its cost is much lower than other PD flow meters, liquid measuring instruments and fluid meters that are capable of or used for measuring extremely low flow rates. Such flow meters are less susceptible to wear and tear and are capable of getting used for certain hostile liquids. It is relatively easy to disassemble, clean and the reassemble this flow meter with a reasonable care in the field. K400 Pulse Meter (PIUSI) The oval gear pulse meter by PIUSI is created to meet a wide range of measuring product deliver requirements in the private distribution of lubricant and liquids or low, medium and high viscosity and also fuel. The principle of oval gear delivers high perfection and low loss of pressure. There is a complete range of PIUSI products that can meet all flow rates. Their easy interfacing with other control systems makes these meters ideal for equipping fuel delivery pumps for private use in the delivery systems/stationary transfer of lubricant, meters for tank filling arms, for the control of the burner or power unit fuel consumption and other fluid delivery control industrial applications. Diesel Nozzle There are nozzles of different types like automatic and manual fuel nozzles. They also include the range of bulk fuel and high flow nozzles. These diesel nozzles are used for transfer of diesel, gasoline, oil, urea, bio-diesel, DEF and other variety of chemicals. The different categories of a diesel nozzle can include: Plastic Manual Nozzle Manual Nozzle Manual Urea Nozzle Standard speed automatic fuel nozzle Hi Speed Automatic Fuel nozzle Standard speed UL approval automatic fuel nozzle 1290 compact fuel nozzle 1209 Automatic fuel nozzle Stainless steel automatic nozzle Oil transfer pumps Oil transfer pump come in two types AC transfer pump and DC transfer pump. The AC oil transfer pumps are designed to handle oil and fuel products like bio-diesel, oil and diesel exhaust fuel. These oil transfer pumps are available standalone diesel transfer pumps or also in the form of kit that comes with a diesel hose and a diesel fuel nozzle. The DC transfer pumps are called the 12 volt diesel transfer pumps and they are again used to handle fuel products and oil. These oil pumps also come both as standalone units and as a kit with a fuel nozzle. The oil transfer pumps are mostly seen in the steel carry case and they come handy for many applications. Online stores can give you an idea about the different types oil transfer pumps hence make a research and understand the product that is reliable and that can fit into your budget.
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