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Dual Fuel Heating and Cooling Systems Guarantee Savings

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-03
Hybrid heat pumps offer low-cost installation and operation Hybrid or duel fuel heating and cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners. The main reason for this is reduced installation and operation expenses. Over the years hybrid systems have proven to be advantageous both to users and utility companies that are looking to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. What are dual fuel heating and cooling systems? A duel fuel system (also known as duel fuel heat pump, all-weather or all-fuel system) combines an electric space-condition heat pump with a fuel-fired (natural gas, propane or oil) furnace. It functions as a furnace and air-conditioner saving you the cost of installing and operating two separate systems. How does a hybrid heating and cooling system work? When cooling, the all-fuel system functions like a standard air conditioner using the heat pump to cool the air. Heating responsibilities, on the other hand, are divided between the furnace and the heat pump. The dual fuel heat pump switches to the natural gas, propane or oil fired furnace when temperatures dip below the thermal balance point (heat pump heating capacity) and supplemental heating is required. What are the advantages of dual fuel heating and cooling? Hire a Skilled HVAC Contractor to Install Your Dual Fuel System There are many types of hybrid heating and cooling systems available on the market. Identifying the right one for your home or office will ensure maximum efficiency and savings. Proper functioning also depends on correct installation. Olson Heating, Cooling and Appliance is an experienced HVAC contractor with expertise in standard heat pumps, dual fuel heating and cooling, and geothermal systems. For more than 30 years we've helped residential and commercial customers in Madison, Mount Horeb, Barneveld, Verona, Fitchburg, Middleton, Sun Prairie, DeForest, Monona and other areas of South-Central Wisconsin install and maintain top quality HVAC systems. We'll set up the perfect dual fuel system for you. With our expert installation of advanced heating and air conditioning systems like Trane, Carrier and York, you can enjoy uninterrupted performance. Plus we provide a bi-annual Maintenance Service Plan to keep your system functioning the way it's supposed to. When you come to Olson Heating, Cooling and Appliance for hybrid heating and cooling, we provide top-of-the-line systems, flawless installation and outstanding customer service. And we'll save you a ton of money on your heating and cooling costs!
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