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Every Car and Auto Wrecking Company should be

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-03
Car Wrecker must offers chance to receive excellent value for money to its customers by removing auto parts from the wide range of vehicles. Other facility of Car Wreckers includes processing plant dedicated 100% to the recycling of End of Life Vehicles (ELVs). Reusable parts, crap metals, recyclable materials & waste fluids, are recovered from ELVs. This sets benchmark for the environmental sustainability in the auto recycling. At early stage for environmental management, many adopted proactive approach and when it became apparent that it may not be able to sustain car & auto recycling activities over a very long period without addressing all environmental impact issues. It is well known that that society's perception of 'car wrecking' was very poor at that time. Now it become necessary for Car Removal to take an initiative in trying to improve the standards across the entire industry for own esteem. Company must be committed to continual improvement & motivated to develop standards and demonstrate a level of expertise. One has certification to international standards, ISO 9000:2000 for quality management & ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management. They should be dedicated to the best environmental practice and try to exceed the environmental standards and to also display industry leadership in environmental responsibility according to Car Removals Organization. The drainage of hazardous fluids like oil, coolant, fuel and brake fluid from vehicles has been always the focus of environmental concerns. These fluids are responsible for environmental problems at Recycling sites and if not drained they may contaminate landfill. Draining these hazardous fluids prior to shredding may prevent contamination of materials that can be recycled. Proper draining of vehicle fluids can contribute to reduce the volume of landfill. Typical Drainage Station of Car Removals Melbourne performs the functions such as Drain out all the engine oil, drill out all the transmission / gear oil, drill fuel tanks to remove all fuel, Pump out all radiator coolant, Pump out all brake fluid from brake lines and Pump out all the windscreen washer fluid to the storage tanks without any risk of spill. They may remove all oil from the shock absorbers & pump it to storage and Cut off & catch catalytic converters without jeopardizing the safety.
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