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Higher gas prices are slowing our already weak economy

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-28
The Federal Reserve took steps to boost the economy, but it also boosted the gas prices. Oil prices went up and if this makes gas prices rise, the consumer will have less to spend elsewhere. Our income will be squeezed dry by the gas pump and extra cash will be in need. Inflation will also be fueled by this action. Americans have high unemployment, high gas prices and low wages. Where will it end? Consumers increased their retail spending in August because they had to pay higher gas prices. However, some bought cars, but they purchased less clothing, electronics and other general merchandise. Gas prices have risen, more than 50 cents per gallon in the last 2 months. Most of this increase took place in August. This was the biggest one month increase. With the price of gas so high, consumers spend less other luxuries. Retail sales were down and this will affect the job growth. But the government is planning on using steps to make borrowing cheaper for years to come i.e.: mortgage loan rates at lower premium rates and short term interest rate near O%. The Federal government will continue bond buying efforts until the job market improves substantially. This report sent the Dow -Jones stock up to its highest level since 2007. Also, oil prices at $100 a barrel were available for this short time since May. But this Federal action of bond buying will only serve to bring inflation up as it did before. Consumers will be hit with higher prices and less free spending money. History will repeat itself and Americans may suffer the consequences. Instant extra cash sounds great with all this foreboding economic news. A car title loan for the amount of $2,600 to $10,000 would help us get the retail items we need and gas for a while but running out and taking money out on your car title isn't something to be done in hast. Know what you are getting yourself into before signing on the dotted line with one of these loans. A car title loan is a secured loan with a repayment date in 30 days. The car title loan is secured by your vehicle. To receive this instant cash, there is a quick and easy application; the borrower must own the car out right, be 18 and have a viable income. Then, your vehicle will be inspected and appraised and you will get half the value of your vehicle. You will still be able to drive your vehicle for the 30 days, but if you are not able to have the full amount of the loan including all the fees and interests by the repayment date, your vehicle will be reprocessed. A licensed insured car title lender may refinance for you, but the possession of your vehicle should be your incentive to obtain the full amount of the loan on the due date. A car tile loan has high fees and interests and a pre-set repayment date in 30 days for the full amount of the loan including all fees and interests. Be certain to find a licensed and insured car title loan lender so that all the terms, fees and interests will be fully disclosed to you before you sign any loan documents. Borrowers need to have all their questions answered in order to make a clear decision.
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