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How many years of experience does Lizhong Pump have in producing an engine oil pump?
Since the establishment of Taizhou Lizhong Pump Mfg Co.,Ltd., we have been involved in the manufacturing and offering of an engine oil pump. In the long-term development, we know how to debug the manufacturing machines and operate them in an organized way to ensure the normal operation of the machines. We have been training our staff to be highly responsible for processing raw materials and products. The product, with wide application values and long-term usability, is sure to take up more market shares and helps Lizhong Pump tap into the global market.
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TAIZHOU Lizhong Pump PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. occupies a leading position in China's oil pump for construction vehicle production. Various in styles, Lizhong Pump's oil pump can meet the needs of different customers. Many factors have been considered during the development of our company vehicle oil pump. From the shielding case, conductor, arrangement of circuits, PCB design, to even the size of the heat sink are all carefully thought over and experimented by the technicians. The product is highly resistant to oxidation. The product stands out for its stable operation. Since it is mainly controlled by microcomputers, it can run stably without any break. It has been verified for a perfect fit for the automobiles.
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Regarding oil pump as the duty to develop our company has been kept in each we employee's mind. Check now!

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