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In every industry that uses drums to store good like oil

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-05
For the safety, not only of the workers, but of the industry itself, it is a must for us to know the different kind of pumps. The knowledge regarding this drum handling equipment is necessary to make sure what to use in transferring a certain chemical to another container. Different Types and Materials This type of drum handling equipment is used in different kind of materials so it is important to know when and where. Common failure within industry nowadays is when workers ignored cleaning the pump before using it in another form of liquid. And so, chemical reactions occur which lessens the effectiveness of the liquid on other barrels. Listed as follows are the two types of a drum pump. Manual Pump This type of drum pump needs manual operation from a worker. The drum handling equipment that falls under this category needs a lot of calculation when it comes to accuracy of liquid contents being transferred. There are two kinds of manual pump, the piston and the rotary. The piston requires pressure from a rod being push and pulled by a worker to pump liquid content from barrel. On the other hand, rotary pump has a hand pedal to maintain a continuous flow of liquid from the barrel. It is important for us to know the right kind of manual pump to use in measuring accurately the liquid content that we need to transfer. Electric Pump A drum handling equipment that falls under this category does not need a full operation from a worker but it requires electricity to function. Unlike manual pump, this type is exact in measuring the content we need to transfer and it can be set up to accurately control the flow of the liquid. Moreover, spills and wastes are highly minimized in this kind of pump compared to the manual pump. Aside from the types of this drum handling equipment. We also need to know the materials it is made of to understand when and where to use a certain pump. Plastic made drum pumps are recommended to be used for paints, inert liquids or even acids due to the fact that they do not react to each other. Pumps made from stainless steel are intended to be used on oil and paints. However, most pumps are made of aluminium because it can transfer almost all kinds of liquid without any reactions.
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