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In everyday use, the cars' main common faults

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-26
Unable to start The key to start the car did not respond, most likely the battery is dead; If you hear 'da da' sound, but the engine will not start, most likely the battery power is low, not enough to drive the engine running. Starter operation, but the engine will not run, the gasoline engine, the only need to check two factors - oil and electricity because those are the two basic elements of the engine work. For some models, you can unplug the power lines, connected to the alternate way to check the spark plug. Check the high voltage, but if the high voltage coil spark plug at the top, in this way, then you have to first remove the high voltage coil, a bit of trouble, and have to have the appropriate tools. Check the oil can be opened back seat, open the plastic cover, take a look at the fuel pump wiring, whether have sign of burnt. Or when you start the motor, fuel pumps if there is a faint touch vibration. Little reaction at all, there may be a fuel pump does not work, the engine is not oil, and they cannot start. Idle flameout Now the car, at the inlet, exhaust pipes, etc., are equipped with sensors, sensor control unit according to the data sent to determine the ratio of air and fuel, as long as the proper proportions, the engine will naturally smooth running. However, the sensor for some reason cannot collect the correct data, the control unit it is impossible to make the right judgments, unstable idle, stalling often, is this caused. Process checks each sensor is working properly although not difficult, but the lack of data and the original car multimeters, most owners cannot do it. In this regard, the owner can do to avoid, first, every time you refuel, pay attention to the choice of gas stations; second, try to avoid low speed travel models in the state of high gear; third, try to avoid frequent of short distance driving. The reason why given such a proposal, because the failure may be due to bad usage caused by the driver, the most common is carbon. In valves, fuel injectors, throttle, etc., if too much or too much carbon impurities, it may cause unstable idle, easy to stall. For regular short-distance driving or poor driving style friends, not take 2 million meters, the car may be carbon, and reach the point must be cleaned. But if there is no shortage of these two, 12 million meters without cleaning carbon are nothing new. Abnormal sound when driving Car abnormal sound is a complex topic. Briefly summarized, it can be divided into three parts. The first is abnormal sound power system; Second chassis abnormal sound; third is the interior abnormal sound. Interior abnormal sound is good judgment, if it is a new car, there may be a lack of precision plastic parts, or there is a defect caused during assembly. Because all the cars behind interior panels are relying on a fixed snap, snap the plastic products, the course of time there may be loose, so their abnormal sound. Power system and chassis noise, can be in driving the process, under the premise of protecting the security push neutral and slide, if the chassis noise, such as a bearing failure, abnormal sound will still exist at this time, this sound is good judgment; pushed into neutral if abnormal noise disappeared or significantly weakened, the likelihood is abnormal sound power system. Abnormal sound occurs chassis probability is relatively low, the most common bearing, the bearing member is very durable, but does not rule out the impurities into then causes abnormal wear. Replace the bearings are easy, half an hour are impossible, but have to have the appropriate tools. Power system appears abnormal sound mainly metal or non-metallic sound, the former comes from the interior of the cylinder, for example, knock; latter may come from the periphery of the engine, such as a belt. Among them, the more common cause abnormal noise belt, not high-tech car, because there is no belt too tighter, if the belt is too tight or too loose, may cause abnormal sound. There are some car diagnostic tool can help you maintenance your car well, such as: Launch X431 Diagun 3, Autel maxidas DS708, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want know more about car maintenance, please click the below information:
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