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In the current climate where emphasis is placed

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-30
With the R.H.I. having survived the spending cuts, this is great news for the continued production of renewable energy through solar heating systems. When the incentive begins in June 2011, the installation of solar panels will become a viable financial option for households across the country. It will allow all those who are looking to increase the amount of heat generated to do so at the same time as reducing the environmental impact thanks to less reliance on traditional methods of heating. The Renewable Heating Incentive will pay you a fixed price for every kilowatt of heat produced per hour through your renewable heating system. For a typical house this could be between 400 - 1500 / year depending on the technology being used. This means that not only will homeowners see a reduction in their energy costs but they will receive a significant annual payment. As traditional energy prices continue to rise rapidly, their continued use will have an increasingly detrimental impact on the environment both at present and for generations to come. Alongside solar panels, the new incentive also applies to solid biomass boilers, biogas combustion, ground and air source heat pumps and solar thermal technologies, paving the way for the introduction of renewable heat sources to be installed on a large scale to protect the environment. This well renowned company are in full support of the Government's new initiative and are committed to supplying your home with the most effective solar panels, heat pumps and other renewable energy technologies for you to reap the benefits the incentive will bring. To reduce your reliance on gas and oil, maintain a constant flow of heat to your home and get paid for producing it, feel free to give them a call or fill in their online contact form to discuss the installation of solar panels at your property.
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