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Interestingly enough, we can look at the sexual

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-01
Think of the man's penile head as the piston, and his penile shaft as the connecting rod. His 'rod' is then connected to his pelvis, which acts as the crank. Her vagina, thus, becomes the cylinder in which this connecting rod/piston interacts with. Now, how can we improve the peak sexual performance of this engine? Lubrication - Lubrication is paramount to an engine surviving and working properly. Lubrication decreases friction and makes for a smoother running engine. So, we must take your engine's lubrication very seriously. The best way to help getting the engine lubed is to engage in foreplay. Cunnilingus is a great way to ensure proper lubrication is utilized before you really start to rev the engine. If lubrication is a problem, perhaps because of a weak oil pump, specialized lubricants can be purchased that will ensure that the entire engine is properly lubricated and will run at peak efficiency and performance. While your engine is running, stimulation to the clitoris and erogenous areas of the body will ensure lubrication remains fluid and constant. Talking dirty is another method that helps some engines see better lubrication. Bulletproof Components - Oral sex is another method, in this case, fellatio, that will ensure that the man's crank, connecting rod, and piston are strong and reliable. A weak connecting rod will result in a poor-running engine and may result in sexual failure. Fellatio is the mechanism that can help ensure that a man's parts are up to it. Other methods, such as kinky add-ons, can also ensure his sexual system is bulletproof and up to the task. SPM - Strokes per Minute will replace Revolutions per Minute (RPMs). This is very important, especially for the lead foot, in relation to properly lubricated components. A man shouldn't start off doing 100 SPMs, as it's better to ensure proper lubrication (which will further be stimulated during the SPM curve). So, starting off at a lower SPM range and 'breaking' in the engine first, will ensure that both of you can go the distance. Once the engine has warmed up and is running smoothly, then the SPMs can be increased. Timing - Timing relates to both SPMs and the environment. From an environmental standpoint, don't go looking to go racing, if you or your partner isn't interested. It's best to go for a spin when the conditions are 'just right' for the both of you. With relation to SPMs, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. On some days it's best to use a different SPM range than on other days. This may be due to decreased lubrication, a sore piston, or worn cylinder. Make a note of what Timing Cycle is best during your day at the track. Monitoring your partner's response, will also help you decide when to slow down on the SPMs, or speed them up, to ensure the ultimate in performance and response from both partners. Both partners should make a conscious effort to 'feel' what the right SPM range is for your partner at any given moment and do your best to keep in 'time' together. Beefing up the Suspension for the Right Track - Different race tracks require performance-tuning the suspension to get the utmost out of the racing experience. Beefing up the suspension with pillows, different positioning of the motor mounts, and ensuring the springs on your test 'bed' are up to the task is a great way to ensure you both come in first place and cross the finish line together. Self-Tuning - Men can improve their performance by getting in shape, eating right, and learning what really gets her internal components to sing. Enlarging a man's penis, increasing his stamina, and learning the tricks to get the most out of his engine will ensure an engine that runs at its performance peak, any time of the day or night. Women, too, can accentuate their performance by getting in shape, having a healthy diet, and figuring out what really gets his engine singing. Kegel exercises are one way in which she can strengthen her cylinder to ensure the ultimate sexual compression ratio is maintained, especially at those high SPMs. By learning some of these simple procedures, it's quite possible for a loving couple to create the ultimate in sexual horsepower, orgasmic torque, and mind-bending sexual performance. When was the last time you had a sexual tune up? Georg von Neumann
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