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Is Lizhong priced high?
For a brand of Lizhong, how to set a price actually determines the profit margin. Lizhong now is well-known for its cost-effective products. When calculating the total manufacturing cost per unit, the cost of raw materials is not the only element to consider. Direct labor and manufacturing overheads are also equally important. We've hired professional staff including designers, R&D technicians, and quality inspectors. They are proficient at utilizing their skills in the design, research and development, and manufacturing of the products. In addition, advanced machines are equipped to ensure the high-precision and high-efficiency production process. It's worth that you pay for what you will get.

Primarily producing a wide range of oil pump, TAIZHOU Taizhou Lizhong Pump Mfg Co.,ltd. PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. is popular among customers. Lizhong Pump's oil pump manufacturer series contains multiple sub-products. Lizhong Pump oil pump for passenger vehicle is manufactured using modern management tools and technology. The product itself has a self-lubricating property. This product is widely recommended and valued for its superior quality and long-lasting performance. With a compact design and small size, it occupies a small space.

It’s Lizhong Pump Oil Pump's principle in business 'to honor the contract and keep our promise'. Contact!
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