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Is there instruction manual for engine oil pumps ?
Taizhou Lizhong Pump Mfg Co.,ltd. has prepared you the Instructions to fulfill your needs, saving time and providing the reassurance.  Following the Instructions as the correct operation will affect the working efficiency and life of oil pump . Except for the Instruction, our dedicated service team is available to provide expert advice and support for you.

TAIZHOU Lizhong Pump PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. has gained big trust from customers by manufacturing and supplying superior oil pump with reasonable price. Lizhong Pump's oil pump manufacturer series contains multiple sub-products. The raw materials of Lizhong Pump vehicle oil pump are paid great attention during the incoming material inspections. The product is resistant to high temperature. This product can well meet the application needs of customers. Made of aluminum, it has a high strength.

TAIZHOU we PUMP MFG CO.,LTD. will make the first brand name of our team with its more professional, more brilliant, perfect service. Inquire online!
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