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KUDU Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP's) are engineered

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-01
KUDU's Complete Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) System provides the perfect fit for any environment with the complete package including the PC Pump, KUDU Drivehead, Power Unit and the PCP Well Manager. The PCP Well Manager optimizes production by measuring flow rates, monitoring torque and adjusting pump speed. Controlling PCP's with the Well Manager helps to reduce premature pump failures due to pump off and decreases the need for field monitoring of fluid levels. KUDU's customer focused approach encompasses all aspects of a complete PCP system: exceptional design, superb service and technical training for customers. The KUDU Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) is a Positive Displacement Pump engineered to deliver a consistent head capacity with superior sand lifting capability. Progressive Cavity Pumps or PCP's typically have lower operating and capital costs partly due to simpler installations and lower power consumption compared to other artificial lift methods. KUDU PCP's also handle producing solids and high viscosity fluids to ensure your operation is performing at maximum production. Applications for KUDU Progressing Cavity Pumps: - Light to heavy sand laden crude oil - Light crude oil with high aromatic content - Dewatering gas wells - Coal bed methane - High water cuts - Highly corrosive wells - Thermal applications (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage SAGD & Cyclic Steam Stimulation CSS) - Horizontal, slant and directional wells To Control Your Progressing Cavity Pump KUDU Industries and Lufkin Automation have joined forces to offer an innovative system that maximizes your production through smart well technology. The SAM Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) Well Manager optimizes your production by adjusting pump speed, monitoring torque and measuring flow rates. Controlling PCP's with the Well Manager helps reduce premature pump failures due to pump off and decreases the field monitoring of fluid levels. The SAM PCP Well Manager is CSA approved as well as IPC and ISO certified. The PCP control algorithm enables the Well Manager to change, monitor and measure critical elements to ensure maximum productivity is achieved. The Well Manager algorithm controls well speed based on measured production rates. If torque becomes an issue, the algorithm takes control of the pump's speed based on trend parameters. After installing a SAM PCP Well Manager, the average production increase was 40m3/day/well, which equates to 1.6m3/day/well in additional oil production. The oil cut improved by 0.5% and gas production increased from 19 103m3 to 23 103m3. The operator used a SCADA system to determine well status at the beginning of each day. The operator was able to detect problems early and facilitate quick corrective action. KUDU provides the perfect fit for any environment with Pumps, Driveheads and Power Units engineered to handle the most demanding applications. Start optimizing your operation, contact a KUDU representative today.
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