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by:LIZHONG     2020-06-29
The earliest oil cans that are all around date back again to the later finish of the seventeenth century, but even discovering 20th century cans that are in great form is not that simple, mainly because the bulk of these cans would be thrown in the rubbish when they had been empty. Collectors location a higher value on oil cans that are brightly colored, those that characteristic mascots, cans that were made by scaled-down oil firms, and of course, cans that even now have oil. Colourful oil cans with company logos on them are almost certainly the most sought right after of all and bring in the highest dollar values. In antique shops, you will discover square oil cans that are one gallon in dimension that come from the period prior to the second World War from oil organizations these as Standard Oil, Liberty and Conoco. Some of them have handles, and the later ones had been discovered in round and square kinds in equally 5 quart as properly as half gallon sizes.
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