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Most people who first hear of the term progressive

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-29
If you have visited a fast food restaurant and you see those containers with a cylindrical thing that gradually turns the slushies, or if you see the clerk get a measure glass and puts it in a dispenser where the liquid flows down into the glass and stops when the glass is full automatically, then you know what a progressive cylindrical pump is. Yes, it is that thing that keeps the slushies slushier and can dispense the exact amount of fluid into the waiting cup or glass. What is it? By definition a progressive cavity pump is also known as the following: progressing cavity pump, eccentric screw pump and cavity pump. Via a pump, it transfers fluids progressively. The fluid passes through a series of small cavities while the rotor is turning. As the rotor continues to turn, the cavities progress from suction to discharge end of the progressive cavity pump carrying the fluid. The action allows for a precise control of the flow of fluids in such a way they will make sure that the flow is consistent and steady, therefore very easy to manage. Applications These pumps are used in a number of applications which have to have precise measurements of volumetric flow: oil pumps, water pumps, drilling for oil, drilling for natural gas, food and drink pumping, slurry pumping and stormflow screening. Other Uses Wineries also can benefit from this type of pump as the distillation process demands well calibrated and measured flow of the liquid. Shipyards and other marine industries also use these pumps for their engines which need precisely measured lubricants and for filling the tanks with the fuel. Construction companies also make full use of these pumps when they have to move the cement to a location and to pour in the grout in the right areas. Benefits This makes it possible to move fluids at a slow pace while applying different levels of pressure on them. There is hardly any wear and tear and if there is it can be very gradual and would take a long time. This makes it possible to be able to maintain a balance which is constant on the pressure while at the same time it can give the operator a great deal of control which cannot be commonly done in other kinds or types of pumps. Development This type of pump first came out in the 1930's and it was called different names. Most of the names were based on the use of the pump while others were based on the brand names or of the manufacturing company's names. However, even if the name was varied its basic function of progressively moving fluids through a series of controlled channels or chambers remain exactly the same up till now.
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