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Motivation is a big part of working out at the

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-28
Here are some songs and lyrics that will make you feel motivated, strong, and maybe even invincible! 'Kickstart My Heart' - Motley Crue What song could be more perfect for a cardio workout than one with the lyrics, 'Kickstart my heart?' The high-horsepower tune and its rapid-fire lyrics will give you a walloping kick in the glutes that will make you exercise them, instead of sitting on them. The song and its lyrics put on the brakes in the middle to give you a little rest-but soon they charge ahead again at full speed, so get ready to run! 'The Theme from Rocky' (Gonna Fly Now)' - Bill Conti Despite its minimal lyrics, this tune from the first 'Rocky' movie may be the ultimate inspirational workout song. Its majestic music accompanied the classic montage of scenes displaying Rocky working out with unwavering determination to shape up for his fights. And when the singers burst into the lyrics, 'Gonna fly now/Flyin' high now,' it makes you feel as though you could easily soar, too. Even if you've never seen the movie, this powerful song will bring out the champion in you, too. 'Don't Phunk with My Heart' - Black Eyed Peas This song and its lyrics have a hypnotic groove that casts a spell over your body and makes moving along with it irresistible. Its lyrics are both rapped and sung, and set a steady, contagious rhythm that will turn you into a perpetual motion machine. Need more incentive? Think of Fergie's tight, chiseled abs....and then think of yours. Yep....thought that would work! 'Suffragette City' - David Bowie A Bowie classic, 'Suffragette City' and its music and lyrics land a solid checkmark next to everything on the list of what makes a great workout song: it hits the ground at full speed straight out of the starting gate, it has a hard-rocking, anthemic tune, shout-along lyrics, as well as the climactic build-up to its signature lyrics, 'Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!' If this song doesn't get you moving, check yourself for a pulse. 'Animals' - Nickelback Raucous guitars, piledriver drumming, and AK-47 bursts of lyrics make this hard-rocking masterpiece of mayhem a perfect song for powering your workout. Get ready to sweat, because the song's frantic pace shows no mercy. The lyrics, 'We're never gonna quit/Ain't nothin' wrong with it/Just actin' like we're animals' will bring out the ferocious fitness beast in you. There are plenty of fast-paced, motivational songs and lyrics besides these that will pump you up and get you working out. And in the same way you find yourself playing these catchy songs over and over, you may just find yourself working out over and over again, too! Get pumped up for exercise with workout lyrics from Dilyrics and their newest lyrics about getting psyched to get in shape.
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