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Out of all the methods of swimming pool heating

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-02
The following guide will look at the ins and outs of swimming pool heat pumps, so you can make the right choice when shopping around. How They Work The newest generation of swimming pool heat pumps can harness the free heat in the air in the same way as refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Thus they don't rely on solar energy - they take the warmth out of the air by compressing a gas which results in an increase in the temperature heating the water as it passes through the exchanger. Some models will even extract free heat from the outside air which has a temperature as low as -15 degrees C. Benefits of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Value for Money Most heat pumps can provide up to 5 units of energy to a pool for every 1 unit paid for. Even with the outside temperature at 10 degrees C, they will still deliver 5 free units of energy for every 2 you pay for. Depending on your household's energy costs, a heat pump can save you up to 80% over propane gas and 50%-70% over natural gas or electrical resistance heaters. Needless to say, this amounts to a massive saving Fuss-Free One of the main benefits of heat pumps over other pool heating methods is that they don't necessitate complicated gas supply issues, oil tanks or flues as with other heating options. Their main power supply will simply operate from small capacity electrical units. What's more, they don't require constant monitoring as with other types of heating - most systems are totally automatic and need only one control, which is the pool water thermostat. Last but not least, heat pumps are easy to install and inherently reliable against break-down because they're so simple. They also operate quietly. Environmental Because heat pumps save on energy, they also act to lower your carbon footprint compared to other pool heating methods. Top Buyers Tips Conclusion In a nutshell, swimming pool heat pumps are the best solution when it comes to keeping your pool water warm without breaking your bank balance. Apart from being economical in the long run, they are also simpler to operate. By following the top buying tips listed above, you'll be sure to find the right model. About the Author: John D Williams is an independent retailer of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
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