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Over the last few decades, the popularity of energy

by:LIZHONG     2020-07-05
Geothermal systems using ground source heat pumps work typically anywhere in the United States, and their installation has risen to more than fifteen percent per year. Currently, there are more than six hundred thousand geothermal units implemented in homes throughout the U. S., and as natural gas and oil prices continue to rise, their popularity is ever growing. Geothermal systems can save fifty percent more energy than the traditional natural gas system, as well as consuming seventy percent lower energy than electric air conditioners or heating units. Even though the outside climate varies throughout the year with the changing months and seasons, the temperature below the ground stays between forty five and sixty degrees. So, the ground source pump, which is the main asset in this type of system, works by pulling heat from the ground during colder months and pumping warm air into the home. During the warmer months, it extracts cool air from the ground and distributes cold air in the home. Geothermal systems are comprised of just a few components that allow them to work. The heat pump works by transferring heat energy from one location to another. This transfer is made through closed loops containing water, refrigerant, or anti freeze solution that absorbs the heat energy. Once the liquid is heated, it gets pumped back through the system, and this process is continually repeated. Heating and cooling ducts are necessary to move the heated or cooled air into each room in the home. Finally, the heat pump is connected to a thermostat inside the home, and the pump turns on or off depending on desired house temperature. Geothermal heating and cooling systems work by using the ground temperature and not the air temperature. They make very little noise, are easily maintained, and will last for a significant number of years. They have the ability to keep the house at the desired comfortable temperature, whether warm or cold, and can also come with compressors and fans for additional comfort and energy savings. Residential geothermal heating and cooling systems are growing in popularity for the right reasons. In a current economy that has less money to spend and a desire to conserve as much energy as possible, a geothermal system in the home is an extremely efficient commodity.
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