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Rather than become less dependent on foreign oil

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-28
It's no surprise that so many people are downsizing their vehicles. Trading in guzzlers for eco-friendly models is en vogue as well as practical. People who drive trucks or SUV's are second guessing those choices. Gasoline for larger vehicles like trucks and SUV's costs nearly twice as much as it does to fill-up compact cars. Car dealerships across America are selling more compact and hybrid cars than any other vehicle. Because our dependency on foreign oil and the cost of gasoline today, many vehicle manufactures are working to create and market cars that either run off electricity or use far less gasoline. Toyota's Prius is a great example. Prius owners can get up to fifty miles to a gallon. This makes a tremendous difference from trucks that get maybe twelve miles to a gallon. Prius' are one of the most popular hybrid vehicles because they are so great on gas. With gas becoming ever more expensive, and the economy decreasing as it has been, many Americans can't afford to keep serving up $150 or more a month for gasoline. And that's typically for just for one car! For families with two or more vehicle, that's upwards of $300 a month in fuel costs. Many companies are trying to find alternative forms of energy. Motor vehicles companies are working on producing more electric cars and vehicles that use gasoline made from corn. The major advancements made in substitute fuel sources come in the form of biofuels. Some scientists and companies are experimenting with recycled frying oil from restaurants to produce crude oils needed for gasoline. Our economy today is lousy and having to depend on foreign sources for our oil only adds to the already bad situation. There are many commuters who must travel one hour or more each way to work and back. Most of these commuters have no choice but to use their own car, so they must cut expenses elsewhere. It is a real problem when we can't pay all our bills because the gas pump is eating up our incomes. This is the reason why weaning ourselves off foreign oil is so important. Many people in America have no option but to drive a car. I'm sure we all would love to be able to walk or ride our bikes everywhere we go. This is simply not an option when commuting an hour to work on crammed roadways. We have to work to be able to support our families and pay our bills, and it's not fair to have a huge percentage of that go to oil companies in the Middle East. If we had other forms of fuel that cost less money, not only would it be better for our environment, but it could also drastically improve the state of our economy. It's important that we all stand behind companies researching new forms of fuel. Maybe, with enough encouragement and support, they could come up a fuel source that revolutionizes the way we think about traveling. Then all of our money could stay here in the United States and fuel our economy.
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