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by:LIZHONG     2020-06-30
Our company is into manufacturing of various types of High Vacuum Pumps, like Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Compressors, Fluid Couplings, Diaphragm Pumps, Impregnation System, Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps etc, which are available in various models and sizes. The range that we bring forth for our clients finds application, mainly in the Vacuum pumps industry, along with industries such as Chemical Industry, Fertilizers Industries, Cement Plants, Paper Mills, Education Institutes, Research Organization Hospital Lab and for Gernal Industries Our Vacuum Pumps have International Quality. Shenovac the brand acknowledged as the 'leader' of vacuum technology because, they are :- Compact in design & Simple in construction, Easy Maintenance & Long Life, Most reliable & prompt after sales service, Most Advanced Lubricating System, Complete range to meet all applications Our range includes DIAPHRAGM VACUUM PRESSURE PUMP Important specifications for diaphragm pumps include maximum discharge flow, maximum pressure discharge, inlet size, discharge size, and media temperature. Power sources include AC voltage, DC voltage, pneumatic or hydraulic systems, natural gas, gasoline, steam, water, or solar power. Are used in almost all fields where dry, oil free rough or fine vacuum is needed. SHENOVAC Diaphragm Pumps are widely accepted in Production, R&D, Pollution Control Equipments, Medical Instruments, Painting Jobs etc. Are compact, economical, absolutely noiseless and conform with the demands of the process. They are maintenance free, guarantee excellent specifications and long life. Rotary Vacuum Pressure Pump Specification A exclusive design of lubricating system positively feeds, minimum quantity of oil to important points. The oil from the exhaust is baffed, collected and returned back to oil chamber. This way not only the intervals between oil top up is prolonged but also helps to keep the atmosphere in the premises free of oil smoke to some extent. Specifically heat treated fiber vanes are used in Vacuum Pump in place of steel vanes. The advantages are silent running, and negligible wear on stator, end covers and rotor slots. Vacuum pumps are driven by V-belt covered with belt guard to give vibrations free operation, and are fan cooled. The complete unit with motor and base plate is most compact for its capacity and due to it, vibration free running is suitable for mounting inside the equipment. All the models in MLV series can be modified to suit specific application so that smallest possible pump with minimum power consumption can be offered to the user.
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