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The Medela Breastpumping Starter Kit includes all the accessories a new mom will need for occasional pumping. The kit includes a manual breast pump that's ergonomically designed. One of its best features is the adjustable suction that can be just like baby, which provides the most efficient breast milk production. Also included in the kit are two containers with lids, safe breastmilk storage bags, pure lanolin for sore nipples, 4 disposable bra pads that will soak up any leak, and a handy information guide. The Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set - 8 oz. is the perfect solution for when you're ready to convert yourself from breast feedings to bottle feedings, while still feeding baby your breast milk. The safe plastic bottles are compatible with all the medela breast pumps. They were designed for long-term storage that retains all the beneficial nutrients of your breast milk. For your convenience, you can pump, store, and freeze all in the same bottle! The bottles have wide bases to prevent spills, and the silicone nipples have a medium flow (just like breast feeding). The volume marks of milliliters and ounces are easy to read, especially during those early-morning hours. The set includes three each of the 8-oz. bottles, nipples, collars, solid lids, and travel cups. Another benefit - everything is both dishwasher and microwave safe. If you're a working mom, you'll probably need the Medela Breastmilk Feeding And Storage Kit. The plastic containers are designed for long-term use and safe storage. The volume designations, in both milliliters and ounces, are easy to read in the wee hours of the morning. Each container is compatible with all the medela breast pumps. The system comes with slow-flow silicone nipples that are most like mom for use when mom's away, and the hygienic cap not only keeps the nipple protected, it can be used as a cup to feed baby. For your convenience, it's safe for use in both the dishwasher and the microwave. Included in the package are three 150ml (just over 5 ounces) containers, three solid lids, three silicone low-flow nipples, and three collars and cup feeder lids. If you already have the Medela Breastmilk Feeding And Storage Kit, maybe you'll want to order some Medela Medium-Flow Wide Base Nipples that come in a 3-Pack. These can also serve as replacement nipples when others wear out. How can you tell if your silicone nipples need to be replaced? If you tip the bottle and the nipple pours out in a steady stream rather than dripping out of the bottle, it's time for replacement. The wide base of the nipples is designed with a natural shape and a tip that won't collapse, making it easy for baby to alternate between you and the bottle. So don't wait until you need them - it's easier to have them on hand. Use the Medela Pump and Save Storage Bags for the collection, storage and freezing of your breast milk. Since it's compatible with all medela breast pumps, you can pump directly into the bag. The bags have a self-stick strap that attaches right to your breast shield, making the bags easy to set up. The gusseted bottom allows the bag to stand up once they're filled. The package contains pre-sterilized bags that have a zipper closure, are leak proof, and double walled for safe and long-term storage that will preserve all the beneficial qualities of your breast milk. Choose between our 20-count pack or our 50-count pack. Do you need another breastshield? We have the 24mm Medela SoftFit Breastshields. These soft and flexible shields comfortably massage the breast to imitate baby, which helps encourage your milk flow. Medela also offers many choices of the comfortable PersonalFit Breastshield. We offer the 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm and 36 mm sizes. When the breastshield fits correctly, none of your milk ducts are compressed, the breast is emptied and you achieve maximum milk production. And, as time goes by, your nipple size may change. How do you know which size is right for you? Center the nipple in the breastshield tunnel, turn on the pump and check to see: Does your nipple move freely? Is little or no areola tissue pulled into the tunnel? Is there a gentle, rhythmic motion with each pump cycle? Do you feel the breast empty? Is your nipple pain free? If you answered no to any of these questions, you should try a different size breastshield. If you'd like an extra set of bottles, order the Medela Breastmilk Bottles 6-pack. These 5-ounce bottles have clear ounce and milliliter volume delineations, and are designed for save and long-term breast milk storage. These multi-purpose bottles can be used for collection, storing, freezing and feeding, without losing any of the many beneficial properties of your breast milk. Not only do they fit all of the medela breast pumps, they are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Along with the six 5-ounce bottles, the pack also includes three slow-flow nipples, three caps/cup feeders, three 24mm collars/discs, and three solid lids. What on-the-go mom could live without the Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter? Just plug it into your car's lighter, and you've got the power you need, any time you need it. Not only is it compatible with all medela pump in style breast pumps, it can also be used with most electric breast pumps, including other medela, ameda and avent pumps. Have you purchased the medela pump in style breast pump? Then you're an on-the-go working mom who needs to be efficient with her time, so you'll need the flexibility and convenience of the Medela Pump In Style Car Adapter. This adapter will give you the third option to power your medela pump in style - all in the convenience of your vehicle. No matter where you are, and even on long trips, you've always got a backup plan when you have the car adapter. Have you lost your Medela Pump in Style Advanced Ac Adapter? Are your batteries out of juice? Or are you on a business trip and forgot to bring it with you? Don't worry, because we've got your replacement. You're a busy working mom who can't miss a beat, so we've got your back. If you have a medela freestyle breast pump, the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Spare Parks Kit will come in handy. This kit contains two extra breast shield connectors that are compatible with both the PersonalFit and SoftFit breast shields, as well as two membranes, and 2 back caps. Don't you feel relaxed when you know you have the just-in-case things? For mom's who have infants with latch-on problems, overactive let-downs, or flat, inverted, or sore nipples, try using the Medela Nipple Shield. Since breast milk is so critical for early growth, these nipple shields provide a fast solution for latch difficulties. Made of thin and pliable silicone for a comfortable experience, the nipple shield is effective, because it increases baby's milk intake. The skin-to-skin contact your baby needs from you is vital. But how do you obtain it when your nipples are sore or if baby has trouble latching on? If your lactation counselor has advised the use of a nipple shield, your solution is the Medela Contact Nipple Shield. Made of thin silicone, these nipple shields are unique because of their cut-out design. This design allows for baby's skin-to-skin contact with you, while still being a large enough surface for your baby to latch onto. This shield is extra small at 16mm, and should not be worn between feedings. The Medela Breast Shield With Valve and Membrane are extra parts busy moms need. All the parts are made of soft silicone, and the breast shield is soft and comfortable, with a massaging effect that simulates baby. Use these spare parts on any medela breast pump (except the Medela Harmony manual breast pump) and any standard universal container. The most requested spare part by mom's is the Medela Spare Membranes. These membranes fit all medela breast pumps, and there are six to a package. Don't run out membranes and then discover you're all out. Another spare part that may come in handy is the Medela PersonalFit Connectors, which can be used with both the PersonalFit and SoftFit breastshields. Use these connectors with the medela pump in style, as well as almost any other medela breast pump. Each package contains two connectors. When you're out and about, take the Medela Ice Pack For Breastmilk Storage with you. It will keep your stored breast milk cold and fresh until you can get it home and into the refrigerator or freezer. It's the little things that make a big difference. Use the Medela Nursing Stool to relieve stress on your legs, back, shoulders and arms. It's scientifically designed and elevates your lap, so you can more comfortably position baby for breast feeding or bottle feeding. This stool can also ease any pain you experience after an episiotomy or caesarean section. What busy mom doesn't use wipes to help with cleanup? The Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes 40 Pack makes breast pump clean up quick and easy. Because they don't contain bleach or alcohol, these wipes are safe to use, not only on all your breast pump parts, but everything your child touches. And since these wipes are also unscented, no worries if you're sensitive or allergic. Just one wipe will clean all the removable parts of your breast pump. As a bonus, each package contains a free Medela Quick Clean Micro Steam Bag! Medela's Quick Clean Micro Steam Bags eliminate 99.9% of all the harmful bacteria and germs from most of the medela breast pump parts and feeding accessories. It's so easy, all you do is add water and heat in the microwave! And they clean fast - in only three minutes. It's a faster method than boiling, and it's more effective than dishwashing. And it's economical, too; since there are five bags in a pack, and you can use each bag up to 20 times - that's 100 uses! Medela's SpecialNeeds Feeder was made for babies who have a facial abnormality and are unable to latch on; adequate nutrition in these situations is critical. The feeder has a specially designed, one-way valve that allows you to feed baby in an adjustable flow that will suit any baby's needs, because the one-way valve also prevents flooding. And since it comes in sterile packaging, you can start feeding baby right away. Included in the package are the collection container, disc, teat, membrane, collar and instructions. If you have the multi-user medela symphony breast pump, their premiere hospital-grade pump, the Medela Symphony Double Pumping System is the accessory you need for your own personal use. It's a great value, because everything you need to pump is contained in the system, including the PersonalFit Breastshields, collection containers, valves with membranes, lids, tubing, membrane caps, protective membranes and a Breastfeeding Information Guide. Since Medela's thought of everything, what more could you need? Are you concerned about the environment? If you are, then you may enjoy the Medela Cotton Washable Nursing Pads. The 100% cotton pads are constructed with four layers of material to absorb leaks and, since they're cotton, they also breathe. Their contoured shape prevents them from bunching up under your clothes. Conveniently throw them in the clothes washer to reuse again, which is not only an environmental plus, it's economical as well. Do you like the convenience of disposables? Then one box of 60 Medela Disposable Nursing Pads will last you a whole month. These disposable pads stop leaks better than some other pads. And because they have an extra-thin design, you can't see them underneath your clothing. Their contoured shape helps them stay in place and not bunch up. And since they are individually wrapped, you can store some in your diaper bag and you'll be ready for anything.
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