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The lubrication system of ball mill

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-29
Ball mill main bearing, the pinion bearings used in bearing grease, oil pump through a pipeline to oil in the grease nozzle is sprayed onto the bearing by timing supplement bearing grease to keep good lubrication bearing. Ball mill pinion shaft bearing in the factory has been in the bearing seat is filled with enough lubricant grease, each time you start the ball mill check carefully before bearing lubricating grease filling. Ball mill gear ring and pinion adopts automatic spray lubrication, pneumatic pump through a pipeline in the oil tank lubricating grease by the nozzle timing is uniformly sprayed to ball mill gear ring and pinion gear surface surface, keep good lubrication. Spray systems require users to provide instrument compressed air spray system, equipped with oil pressure detection switch, a nozzle detection switch and other instruments to ensure the stable operation of the lubrication system of ball mill. Ball mill lubricating oil using method 1. in the ball mill and ball mill originally running when you start using graphite grease using artificial painting method for lubrication, because in the beginning, the ball mill gear tooth surface oil film is insufficient, have not been fully grinding, if not doing so can lead to tooth surface pitting corrosion or wear. 2. in the ball mill test process ( or replace the bearing gear tooth surface ) in order to improve the corrosion resistance of grinding capability and tooth surface contact area and improve the tooth surface roughness, is selected to improve the tooth face anti wear lubricant, lubrication oil fog continuous automatic lubrication. 3. in the ball mill during normal operation, selection can improve the gear bearing capacity, wear resistance, resistance to pitting corrosion ability and improve oil film adhesion ability of lubricants, lubricating methods used spray automatic continuous lubrication. Ball mill two lubrication methods Any mechanical need lubrication, due to year-round The ball mill equipment between mining exposure and the mountains. Regular lubrication of steel facilities not only to prevent rust, but also increase the efficiency ball mill equipment and gear the whole production line of mineral production. Different devices have different lubrication ball mill, but the main method or the artificial coating or oil pool splash lubrication oil lubrication. The two lubrication methods a common feature is that the only use of oil, can not use with semi-solid flow of grease components, while for large open gear, spray contains a certain percentage of patients with solid components (such as graphite) in the semi- grease flow would be more effective. Artificial lubrication is one of the most backward of lubrication and can not control the amount of the lubricant, waste oil is also very serious. Splash lubrication oil pool is the most commonly used method of lubrication, which is part of the active pinion immersed in the oil pool, by turning a small gear to bring the oil, then oil through the gear mesh ball mill into the passive great gear, the use of this lubrication method is also unable to control the amount of the lubricant, waste oil is also very serious, but also on the environmental pollution caused by equipment operation; the same time, wear and tear caused by gear meshing resulting from the metal powder will enter oil tank, causing oil pollution, oil pollution will be increased gear wear and tear. The lubrication oil plays an important role in the operation of ball mill 1.It could reduce the abrasion of the gear and other parts,and extend the service life of the gear. 2.The lubrication oil could reduce the friction,and slow down the loss of power and energy. 3.To some extent,it could spread the heat and has a certain cooling effect. 4.Obviously,it could prevent the parts from corrosion and rust. and reduced noise, vibration and gear to reduce the impact of inter-role. 5.The lubrication oil could reduce the noise during the operation,and lighten the vibration between the gear and the machinery. 6.Of course,it could wash dirt, clean the dust on the surface and reduce wear and abrasion of the parts. So the ball mill operation is related to the lubrication.Rotating part is one of the important components of ball mill.Drives motor, reducer and the gear drove the cylinder and rotated together to grind the various materials.Good lubrication could reduce the abrasion and extend the life of machinery. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Raymond mill,Classifiers,Classifiers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.
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