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With gas prices going up and down, and the economy

by:LIZHONG     2020-06-26
Here are seven ways to save money on your gas bill. 1. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that every vehicle you own is properly maintained. Make sure that you get the oil changed regularly, change air filters, inflate the tires properly and keep the engine tuned. If you keep your vehicle well-maintained, you can decrease your monthly gas bill by up to 10%. 2. Trade your vehicle for a car with better gas mileage. Having a huge car or truck might be nice when you're driving down the highway, but it certainly isn't great whenever you are filling up at the pump. 3. Look for gasoline blends and use them when possible. The E - 10 blend is a blend of gasoline that contains up to 10% ethanol. If you can find this, you can save money on gas because it is usually cheaper. There are also other vehicles that run on different blends of up to 85% ethanol. You might consider getting one of these specialized vehicles. 4. Get a vehicle that is not powered by gasoline. If you can purchase a car that is either a hybrid or hydrogen powered, you can save a great deal in fuel costs. There are even vehicles that run on natural gas. A gas powered vehicle can be converted into one that runs on natural gas for about $8000. 5. Run all of your errands in one trip. Instead of making 10 different trips to 10 different places, map out all of your errands and then run them all in one trip. 6. Do not let your car engine idle. You do not even need to let your car engine idle to warm up. The best way for you to get your vehicle to warm up is to drive it. Any time you're going to leave your car idling for more than 10 seconds, you need to turn off the engine. 7. Carpool when possible. If you can carpool with a coworker or friend when you're going to work or running errands, you could possibly cut your gas bill up to 50%.
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